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This book is a must for anyone seeking transformation, greater success, healing, harmony and well-being of mind, body and spirit.


The Chakras meaning "spinning wheel of light" in Sanskrit are the body's main energy centers. Balance in these centers is essential for the maintenance and elevation of physical and mental health, and spiritual development.


The Chakra Collective, is comprised of energy healers, life coaches, therapists, creators, psychics, yogis, creative artists, and other practitioners. Together, they reveal the many influences chakras have in all aspects of our lives such as:


~ Ways to balance the chakras using essential oils (my chapter), flower essences, crystals, jewelry, food, meditation, and Reiki.


~ The importance of aligning the chakras for career development, goal setting, writing, speaking, listening, loving and dreaming.


~ Insights and knowledge on archetypes, goal setting, hypnosis, muscle-testing, pendulums, soul journeys, writing and much more.


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Harmony in Chakras Volume 1 and 2

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