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By Shefik
Something to Offer

By Anne Marie Offer

October 29 and November 5 7:30pm EST

on TW 56/1996, RCN 83, FIOS 34, and

"At 4 p.m., Shanna and I sit cross-legged on my sheet-covered couch and face each other. She asks if both of us are sober—we are.
She prefaces that only platonic, non-sexual touching is permitted.
When I ask her why cuddling has risen in popularity, she says,
"Most people are either trying to get what they never got or haven't had in a long time. People want to feel taken care of.
They need contact. Technology gives the illusion of connection, but it's superficial. Touch nourishes your cells."
Marie Claire Magazine

By Alix Strauss

August 10, 2016

Stay tuned for our conscious collective coming soon to a screen, smartphone, center, studio, library, and bookstore near you.

Global Healing

With Olivia Whiteman

"Although we may live in a connected world, it may not always put us in the best position to benefit from the rewards of human connection through physical contact. Hence, the rise of the professional cuddler and cuddle parties. Similar to a massage therapist, you can hire a practitioner for an hour-long session for around $80. Whether you're into hugging, spooning or just holding hands, the point is to relax, get some oxytocin pumping through your brain and chill."

Tech Insider

With Will Wei and By Alana Kakoyiannis          

July 26, 2016

"When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to feel alone with your grief. On today’s segment of Self Made Successful Women, we’re talking to an expert on the subject. Shanna Marie is the owner of The Loving Earth, a business that focuses on alternative healing techniques to bring peace of mind to her clients. From crystals, to essential oils, to meditation and prayers, Shanna Marie uses a wide array of methods to help others. This episode will give you something to think about the next time you are struggling to return to your healthy self.‪"
Self-Made Successful Women

With Saloua Ibaline

June 22, 2016

doTERRA International Wellness Advocates Shanna Marie (Certified Crystal Healer, Essential Oils Educator and Spiritual Interfaith Minister) and Linda Boney (Feng Shui Advisor and Essential Oils Educator) enlighten people on the healing power of crystals and essential oils at the Health & Wellness Expo Bronx NY in Lehman College. ‪
Bronx Times

Health and Wellness Expo Review

By Miriam Quin

April 29, 2016

Lehman College

Bronx NY

What is Your Holistic Lifestyle Show

With Johnathan Colbert

November 18, 2015

3:30pm to 4:30pm EST

Inner Light Radio

"One of my absolute favorite things about this event was the variety of workshops that was offered, from Mastro’s non-toxic DIY graffiti, to yoga and medicine bag making- there was an outlet for every interest. I attended a Crystal Healing and essential oils workshop lead by the talented and kind Shanna Marie. Her wonderful workshop set up positive intentions for a blissful weekend. Through crystal meditation and a quick lesson on essential oils and chakras, she helped rebalance our energy and left us feeling absolutely radiant!"
Appalachian Jamwich
Luna Light Music and Art Festival Review

By Cait Deane

photos by Roger Gupta

October 1-4, 2015

Darlington, MD

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