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"Shanna Marie is one of the best people in this entire Galaxy and I've know her for over 15 years. She's a natural healer and has helped me through the toughest times. Her essential oils and soaps are so extremely special. They are made with something no one else can offer- the Love of a true, real healer's touch, intent, and passion. She puts all her love into everything she does and creates to help others. She is a true master of the arts. Shanna Marie has helped me heal in spirit and soul when I needed it the most. Shanna Marie's essential oils and soaps smell so good they make you feel much better and healthier, that my 10 year old daughter hugs me more often while wearing them. My daughter also sleeps with the soap underneath her pillow in the bag that it was sent in and won't let me use the soap because the beautiful aroma makes her smile and feel good inside. I think my daughter is her biggest youngest fan because my whole family (especially me) are her greatest fans ever! I owe my soul still shining to her."    ~ Serena Gilliam, Mother and Model   9/27/2022
"Shanna Marie was a welcome addition to our staff health/self-care fair. Employees appreciated her warm and caring presence and enjoyed learning about Aromatherapy."             ~ Vikki, HR Professional
"I was able to relax, rejuvenate, slow down and just breathe. It was truly a soothing, healing, and energizing  experience for me. Shanna Marie was kind, polite, respectful, and warm during our session. It made the rest of the day so much better!"                                                   ~ Jonathan West, Analyst

"The most enjoyable part of my experience was the overall wave of calmness after my Crystal Rest.  It is similar to the effects of meditation times 100, a peace and stillness that continues days after a session. Shanna Marie has a gentleness about her that feels like visiting with a long lost friend or a nurturing grandparent... a session with her incorporates all aspects of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I was curious and a little skeptical about crystal healing but after my first session I became a true enthusiast. The crystals help me reach a deeply serene plane during the guided prayer and meditation. Even after visiting Shanna Marie, the stones continued to facilitate balance and harmony within and around me everyday so I keep them with me in my purse wherever I go. A major shift I've experienced after spending time with Shanna Marie has been the feeling of serenity, of slowing down the thoughts and really being able to pick up on signs and miracles around me.  I have also been able to experience joy and pleasure much more readily.  Being present and being grateful are easier as a result of my visits with her.  I am open to receiving more of what the universe has to offer and I am saying yes to new and enlightening experiences.  I feel a deeper connection to people and to things around me.  It is very therapeutic and provides me with the support I need to continue on my journey of health and wellness. "                                                                                                                 ~ Celeste Cruz, Yogi

"The feeling after a cuddling session is hard to describe. It's a warmth that follows you and makes you feel more connected to everyone. Thank you so much, Shanna Marie, for your positive energy throughout the entire experience. I feel extremely satisfied with the session and would absolutely recommend it to others."
~ Jeff Del Rey, Web Educator
"It was a pleasure to meet Shanna Marie in person and I enjoyed our session immensely. I appreciate her, her work and her kindness. I’m grateful that it was a positive experience for both of us, she did a great job helping ease me into the session. Shanna made me feel her presence in many ways through touch, particularly with her bear hug. She offered clear communications of boundaries/expectations through the contract along with (her) expressions of likes and dislikes, and with more personal openness about a safe space to cry and let the body process emotions that sometimes come up during sessions. The combination of which meant a lot more to me than I can truly verbalize, thank you for letting me express myself. Thank you, Shanna, for your presence and communicating so clearly throughout the session. I appreciated you being a part of my day. Your prayers are welcome and are taken to heart.”                                                                          ~ Daniel Galen, Educator
"Shanna would gently guide me with her soothing voice. I felt cared for and relaxed during the entire session. After the session I felt a bit light headed and energized. My favorite part of the session was hearing the explanations of which crystals were used and why they would support. I felt very supported after the session with texts and emails to help explain some lasting effects and ways to maintain the relaxed energized feeling that had been awakened.


One word for Shanna: enchanting comes to mind."


~ Marie Marte, Mother, Nurse Practitioner

"My experience with Shanna Marie was nothing short of magical. I eagerly volunteered at her Crystal Healing and Essential Oils workshop at Luna Light Music and Arts Festival 2015. I had always been very open to crystal healing, and done a bit of personal research about it, but was excited to have a hands on chance to learn more about the process. Shanna works with the individual to put them in a tranquil state, with a brief meditation before the crystal rest. As she started to explain the process to the group, I could feel myself drift away into a peaceful state as she placed crystals on me and spoke encouraging and warm statements to the group. She had others lay with me and began the essential oils segment of the workshop, allowing us to breathe in skillfully blended aromatic oils that soothed us and enhanced our meditation. I could feel happy energy swelling in my core and an overall sense of serenity flowing through my body. Waking from the trance was like coming out of an other-worldly journey. Thank you, Shanna, for making my experience amazing-- You are a fantastic teacher and a goddess!"

~ Caiti Deane, Visionary Artist
Instagram: HandEyeHeartDesigns
"I felt a total sense of relaxation and everything that was on my mind disappeared. Like everything has come to a stand still and just myself enjoying the consciousness. I definitely feel refreshed and ready for the next chapter in life. I felt balanced and grounded, mentally cleared and physically energized. My favorite part was laying on the crystals embedded matress. Shanna was so engaging throughout the session. She provided quality and high standards. She is wonderfully, amazingly and caring professional and I do recommend her. My experience was phenomenal! Love Shanna!"

~ Enna Nguyen Chiang, Mother
and Founder of Books N Pillows, Inc.
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